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Work with Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd and get the best for your equipment. 

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Whatever your operation looks like, whether you run a busy kitchen, own a retail outlet or manage a factory floor, you'll use a range of tools and equipment to help you deal with daily tasks. Our services mean finishing the various items that help you do that. 

We've worked with businesses from various sectors for over 60 years, surpassing expectations and helping our clients to integrate products that look professional and stand the test of time. Discover what we could do for you today!

"We're committed to your business's success"

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Promoting your brand colours and logo

Although powder coating and wet paint spraying is essential in protecting the surface of your equipment, fixtures and machinery, these coverings also allow you showcase your business brand. You'll have the opportunity to stylise each finish to match your interiors or display your company's colour scheme and logo - perfect for brand consistency!


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The finest results

Working with the end look in mind, the team at Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd works to achieve that undisputed professional finish, utilising our expert knowledge and understanding of coatings to give you the best.

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In order to prevent delays and reduce the impact on your operations, we aim to turn any commercial covering task around fast. We'll be upfront from the get-go, working to stay within budget whilst working fast and in line with the highest safety and quality standards. 

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Factory machinery 
Retail fittings  
Industry specific equipment  
Building infrastructure
Custom applications 

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Let's work together

Discuss your next project with Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd

Contact our team in Camberley for more information. 

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