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Mechanic worker painting car bumper at automobile repair and renew service station


For unique, high-quality finishes. Find out more about this coating from Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd today.

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Serving our base of Camberley and the rest of the UK for over 60 years, Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd is the name you can rely on when it comes to the perfect finish for your equipment, machinery and industry specific components. Wet paint spraying is just one of the ways we can help a range of industries with this essential task. 

In addition to enhancing the aesthetic of your items, our finishing solutions also help to add a layer of protection to a variety of surfaces. This makes our quality coatings prove extremely beneficial for the companies that we work with, whilst helping them stay within budget and project time constraints. Simply speak with our team to learn more today!

"Always unmatched quality, whichever coating you choose"

Hand holding a spray gun and painting wood in furniture factory

How does wet paint spraying work?

Following preparation and cleaning of your item, liquid paint is mixed to your chosen shade before being fed through an air gun and sprayed directly onto the required surface and left to dry. As no curing is required, this option is ideal for any components that cannot be heated, whilst achieving even coverage and a durable finish that'd be hard to compromise.


curved structure

For projects large and small

One great benefit of wet paint spraying from Aerospace, Military & Commercial Ltd is that this process allows us to finish complex, bulky shapes and much larger pieces with ease. The liquid paint can be applied much thinner allowing us to spray a larger number of surfaces when compared with other finishing techniques such as powder coating. All in all, this process can prove invaluable in the finishing steps of fabrications of every nature.

Closeup of unrecognizable worker painting sheet metal with paint spray gun

As with all finishes from Aerospace, Military & Commercial Ltd, wet paint spraying is fully customisable. You'll have chance to select your choice of texture, colour and even gloss level, allowing businesses to match their brand themes and fabricators to bring their ideas to life.

Wet painting process

For large and heavy objects
 Unsymmetrical and awkward shapes 
Cars, trains and other vehicles     
Building components
 All types of steelwork

smooth black surface

Start a discussion with our knowledgeable team

Find out if wet paint spraying would be more suited to your application. 

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