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Offering support to medical institutions across Camberley and the UK. Work with Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd.

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It's imperative for medical environments to look clean, fresh and well-maintained. Adding a durable coating to medical equipment is one way that hospitals and other facilities can ensure this in the long run. 

Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd has spent over 60 years working with manufacturers to apply coatings that will remain strong in the face of heavy use, cleaning and wear and tear in busy facilities up and down the UK.

"We take immense pride in the solutions that we offer"

woman getting out of a car with a wheelchair in the foreground

Meeting the needs of patients

Medical equipment, such as wheelchairs, machinery and hospital beds require that extra level of care that you'll only get from an expert company like Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd. We go the extra mile to ensure all items used and seen by patients are professionally finished. 


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Trusted and chosen for good reason

Every industry needs a coating professional that they can rely on. Having dedicated many years to our sector, we can act as the go-to firm for one-off and extensive powder coating and wet paint finishing projects.

Empty beds in a hospital or surgical centre recovery room

Although we serve clients up and down the UK, we call Camberley our home. Here we have an extensive workspace that allows us to manage multiple projects at any one time. Our teams work hard to keep all tasks within time and budget constraints.

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Committed to meeting the needs of your patients
Expert attention to detail   
Coatings that can last    
Ideal for a range of medical equipment
Safe and eco-friendly coatings available

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Working for the greater good

Contact our team and learn what we could do for you

Use the details below to reach us. We'll be in touch as soon as possible.

Unit 1a Bridge Trade Ind Est, Bridge Rd,

Camberley GU15 2QR

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