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For undisputed style and elegance. Employ Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd to add the finishing touches to your motors.

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A vehicle isn't solely chosen on its ability to get a driver from A to B. Cars and motorbikes are selected for their colour, finish and style. Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd can help ensure that your motors stand out from the rest. 

With a specialist workshop based in Camberley, we can meet the intense demands of the automotive industry, finishing vehicles professionally and within the shortest amount of time. 

"The ultimate finish for their pride and joy"

custom motorbike

Helping you meet market needs

Like most things, the desired look of a vehicle often relies on the latest trends. Whether you're going for the classic look or something more bespoke, we have the equipment, products and know-how to bring your idea to life. We can also create exact colour matches for consistency across multiple vehicle collections.


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So, why Aerospace, Military & Commercial Ltd?

We've made quite the name for ourselves in the vehicle coating world, known across various industries and companies based in Camberley and across the UK. We're accredited, experienced, qualified and dedicated to achieving the perfect finish for every task we manage. Learn more about our powder coating and wet paint spraying solutions today.

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To ensure that our standards never falter, we complete extensive quality checks on all cars and bikes before they leave our workshop in Camberley. This allows us to maintain our position as a chosen, trusted name for vehicle coatings. These same results can also be achieved for aircraft and aviation equipment.

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Cost-effective, especially when finishing more than one vehicle
Customisable designs   
Extremely durable    
Your choice of coating
High standards

smooth black surface

Stunning on the inside and out

Ensure the perfect finish for your vehicles

Contact Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd to take care of the final steps in car and motorbike fabrication.

Unit 1a Bridge Trade Ind Est, Bridge Rd,

Camberley GU15 2QR

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