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Metal protection and more delivered by Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd.

smooth black surface

Protect every surface that makes up your fleet of trains - employ Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd. Our exceptionally high-quality powder coats and paints are designed with durability in mind, resistant to chipping, scratching and other damage that can drastically impact the aesthetic of any locomotive.

Better yet, all coverings are applied in line with the latest safety standards, so you can promote the health of anyone who boards your train.

"Serving the UK's railways for over half a century"

Railway Tracks

Internal and external coverings

In addition to enhancing the appearance of the UK's trains from the outside, we also work to help passengers travel in luxury by taking care of any internal components, such as seat frames and safety handles. This all-inclusive solution means consistently high-quality coverings for every inch of the vehicle.


curved structure

Make the right first impression

For every trainline company, reputation is important. If you wish to be known as a luxury transport provider, finishing your carriages with the exceptional powder coating and wet paint spraying techniques conducted by Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd can help you promote your stance in the industry.

A train at a platform with its doors open

Make your brand stand out from the rest with customisable finishing options from Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd. In line with your colour scheme and style, we can ensure that every area of the train, from the doors to the exterior trim, promotes your company identity. 


Create a luxury environment for travellers
 Protect the various surfaces in and around the train   
Add your brand colours    
For businesses up and down the UK
Low cost and durable 

smooth black surface

Let them ride in comfort and style

Allow Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd to take care of the finishing elements that make your trains look well-maintained

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