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Modern Architecture


A helping hand for the architectural industry. Call Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd for sector specific services today.

smooth black surface

You've done the hard work of planning the space and finalising the design, now it's time for Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd to ensure all components within the build match your style ideas. 

From the bold and beautiful to subtle elegance, our team use powder coating and wet paint spraying to elevate building materials, enhance their longevity and add a splash of colour!

"Our team works to realise your architectural goals"

Tin Wall

Bespoke coverings for a truly unique finish

In today's world, architects are always looking for new ways to make their creations stand out, and one way to do that is by choosing unique coverings for the components that make up the building. Whether we're covering every element that's included within the construction or one specific piece, we can stylise all materials as requested. 


curved structure

It's about more than how it looks

Although any building needs to look attractive, surface coating is about more than style. Our industrial grade paints and powders can help to protect the surface below, helping to enhance the structural integrity of the various pieces that make up your building.  

Sports Stadium

We can appreciate the numerous stages of any construction project. Working around the clock to serve you, Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd ensures that any tasks that lay with us are completed within the designated time, to prevent delay and to keep your project moving forward.

Modern Architecture

Fully customisable
Fast turnaround times    
Professional guidance and support throughout
Always high-quality finishes 

smooth black surface

Choose one of the best for your next project

Speak with our team to learn more about architectural coatings 

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