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Aircraft interior seating


For the perfect finish for your fabrications, employ the professionals at Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd - experts at powder coating aircraft interiors.

smooth black surface

When handled properly, powder coating can offer a long-lasting, durable finish for many types of surface or industry application. Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd's level of expertise allows you to experience premium quality in this finish, for results that meet the brief and stand the test of time.

Having dedicated many years to our industry, we not only deliver on the projects we manage but we also provide invaluable advice and guidance in helping our clients across the UK find the most appropriate finishing process for their needs. We keep things simple, allowing you to get comfortable with our processes and what these mean for your business. 

"Irrespective of your needs, you can benefit from our expertise and quality materials"

Aircraft Interior

Aircraft interior powder coating - dominating commercial painting and finishing methods, offering outstanding results

Utilising electrostatic energy to apply, powder coating uses a dry powder to coat industrial equipment before undergoing a curing process for additional strength and protection. There is a myriad of benefits to powder coating, from its corrosion resistance properties, low maintenance needs and longevity to the extremely quick application process, making this a popular choice for many industries and for pieces of every size, shape and purpose.


curved structure

Customisable, versatile and environmentally safe

Given the ease of mixing with powders, Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd are able to achieve exact colour matches, even for the most obscure of shades, whilst achieving your desired texture and overall finish. But giving you creative freedom doesn't have to cost the earth; all powders used are non-toxic and chemical and solvent free. This means no harmful substances are released into the atmosphere and usage and disposal is safe.


The nature of the application and the products used also means less waste, making this the perfect way to finish your products without increasing your business's carbon footprint. 

Worker wearing protective wear performing powder coating of metal details in a special room

With a purpose adapted workshop located in Camberley, Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd can accommodate equipment small and large for both powder coating and wet spraying. Highly secure and ideally located, you can choose our facilities with peace of mind.

aircraft seating

Aerospace interiors
 Helicopter leading edges    
 Retail and shop fitting parts    
Military ammunition boxes
Battery cases

Commercial machines and equipment

smooth black surface

Discover if this coating could be ideal for you

Reap the benefits of this durable, low-cost coating option from the industry's experts, Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd

Discuss your specific project with our team in Camberley today. We'll be glad to help.

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