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Find out how Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd can deliver for this industry. Working with Camberley and beyond.

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When dealing with the day-to-day running of farms and land, the last thing anyone needs is equipment that fails to deliver. Corrosion, chipping and general wear and tear can all take their toll on machinery and other tools, and Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd is here to prevent this. 

We use hard-wearing, reliable and versatile powder coatings and wet spray paints to give agriculture equipment the added layer of protection that it needs. All applications are carried out by industry professionals, for added peace of mind.

"We work to promote the life-span of the equipment that keeps your farm ticking"

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Quality without breaking the budget

Although Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd continues to offer clients from all industries the most cost-effective solutions, our low-cost coverings do not fail on performance. They continue to promote the longevity of an array of different products, which is one of the reasons that we have been chosen for over 60 years.


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Designed to withstand the rough and tumble of any farming environment

It's no secret that farming equipment must endure heavy use and extreme conditions, from intense wind and rain to heat. The environment these machines are used can also have an impact, which is why professional coating is essential. Allow us to manage this task for you. 

Agricultural Machinery

Combine harvesters, tractors, silos, and smaller equipment are just some of the components that Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd is chosen to cover from our base in Camberley. However, we're always up for a challenge! If you have any large, bulky or bespoke surfaces that you need us to work with, we'd be more than happy to help!   

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For all manner of farming equipment
Environmentally safe powder coating   
Cost-effective solutions - a little goes a long way    
Prompt turnaround times
Durable, wear resistant and low maintenance

Promote component lifespan

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The very best for your equipment

Connect with Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd for a free quote!

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Unit 1a Bridge Trade Ind Est, Bridge Rd,

Camberley GU15 2QR

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