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Solutions designed for our military. Find out more about working with Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd. 

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Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd takes great pride in being able to support our military and the UK's defence industry. Based in Camberley, we work with all departments within this sector to ensure equipment is combat ready. 

Given the extent of wear that defence equipment must tolerate, we work to continuously use the best products and tools on the market throughout the application. By doing this, we hope to enhance the coating's performance even further.

"Enhancing the defence equipment that keeps our nation safe"

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Corrosion resistant, low maintenance and extremely versatile

By offering both powder coating and wet paint spraying, we're able to apply coverings for almost all defence equipment. Appreciative of the conditions that machinery, tools and other pieces may endure, we'll recommend the most appropriate option. 


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It's all in the preparation

For all and any surface the first preparation stage is imperative in achieving the perfect finish. We don't cut corners; we'll ensure that any tasks prior to the paint or powder application are dealt with meticulously. Having many years' experience, we're able to conduct this thorough work promptly without compromising quality, ideal should you require rapid project turnaround.

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Depending on the purpose of the equipment we cover, you may be looking for specific textures and colours to finish the components. Both coating options allow Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd to achieve specific shades, designs and styles, to meet your brief exactly. Furthermore, we can do this whilst keeping costs competitive. 

British military ship

Coatings that last for decades
Powder coating and spraying experts managing the work  
Expert advice and guidance throughout the project    
Secure facilities in Camberley
 Bespoke solutions

 High performance rate and durability

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Supporting our troops and defence services

Learn more about the various services that Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd can offer

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