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Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd - achieving next level finishes for clients up and down the nation. 

Home to a highly skilled team led by Alison South and Shane Howard, Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd is an industry specialist in aesthetic coatings for aerospace, agriculture, architecture, automotive and various other applications. Our industry experts draw on over a century's worth of combined experience to deliver exceptional results, irrespective of the nature of the project in hand.

We're extremely proud to have recently obtained ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, which underpins the core values of our company: quality, workmanship and a real focus on customer service. Connect with our team today to learn more about the various solutions that we can bring to the table.

"We're experts in the wet painting and powder coating of aircraft and military components."


person spraying parts

The UK's popular choice, versatile and efficient by nature

Durable, seamless coatings, meticulously applied by our experienced team. Learn more about the process, our products and materials, and the various industries that we can provide this to.

man in protective clothing spraying

An alternative finish with the same excellent results

Rapid, effective coatings that are extremely cost-effective without compromising on the quality of the end finish. Speak with Aerospace, Military and Commercial Ltd to discuss if this option could be ideal for your application.



train at a station

Working with fundamental industries to help them deliver

Armed with extensive knowledge, experience and the latest in finishing tools and coatings, we're able to exceed the needs of an extremely large client base. Learn more about the types of businesses we work with.

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Our base of operations is ideally located just five minutes from junction 4 of the M3 and ten minutes from the M25 motorway. With a working area that is over 2000sq feet, we boast multiple spray booths that can be utilised for wet and powder finishes and bead blasting.

Construction worker painting with spray


Over 100 years of combined experience
Competitive prices     
High-quality materials     
Quick turnaround
Serving clients across the UK
Expert finishers for clients

from a range of sectors

Combine harvester and tractor


Working with a diverse client base, we offer a range of services, from military powder coating and stove enamelling to CARC finishes and RFI nickel shielding coatings. By choosing us to handle the work, you're guaranteed outstanding craftsmanship and an exceptional finish.

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Get in touch with us today

Discover the ways in which our talented team could help you.

Call our base in Camberley or reach us via our direct mobile.

Unit 1a Bridge Trade Ind Est, Bridge Rd,

Camberley GU15 2QR

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